In its historical old Tbilisi building the Club unites three spaces: Café, Gallery and Wine Cellar. We proudly present the masterpieces designed and created by our artists, traditional and our own dishes based on exclusive recipes by our chef and exceptional wine collection presented by our lead sommelier.


Maia Chumbadze – a professional musician and artist has long dream to establish her own gallery. While working with her family on the idea since 2017 she has acquired a historical building in the old town Tbilisi and found old cellar during refurbishing works. She decided to divide the club in tree naturally emerging spaces: the gallery, the café and the wine cellar. All three have been soon united into one SAMAIA CLUB.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly professional and dedicated members. We are proud to work together and deliver best possible services and products to our cliens.


Samaia Gallery

Samaia has begun as a gallery of traditional jewelry made by the founder and her partner artists. Currently the Gallery represents one of the three spaces of our club. Cloisonné is our favorite technique and many from our masterpieces are produced with this traditional method. Our rings, pendants and bracelets are unique and exceptional specially designed and suited to our local and international clientele.


Samaia Caffee

Our Café was established for lovers of jewelry arts and fine local cuisine. We have designed our versions of local and international dishes as well as drinks. The founder herself has contributed with her knowledge of home tea making and family recipes. The Café has popular dishes invented by our chef.


Samaia Cellar

Our sommelier has pushed the idea of presenting local and international wines from our collection. Cellar that is the oldest part of our historic building contains drinks made by nuns in one of the Georgian nunneries. Our wine events include presentations of wines from small local winemakers as well as wines from different wine regions of the world.



We have designed cloisonne masterclasses and other art events. They are hosted by our jewelry art masters and artists.


Our wine seminars, wine masterclasses, wine tastings and wine games are hosted by our sommeliers and wine experts.


Our culinary master classes and other programmes for corporate and special interest groups are hosted by our chef.


We design and organize birthday parties, cultural evenings and corporate parties.

Samaia Cards


The Club issued this card for exclusive members of our club. The membership fees here. The membership gives:
  • a priority in table reservation in Samaia café.
  • automatic discounts on Samaia Gallery jewelry
  • a priority access to Samaia Cellar events
  • gifts and discounts on the Club products and services.
  • Seasonal benefits


The loyalty card gives:
  • 5-15% discounts in Samaia Cafe
  • 5-15% discounts on Samaia Gallery jewelry
  • seasonal access to Samaia Cellar events


One of the main walls of the Club is decorated by the replica of the fresco of the great Georgian artists Arsen Pochkhua. It was pained by Zakaria Shoshiashvili exclusively with paints made from natural stones, egg and other natural materials.